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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Idea Of Self

Cathar Tarot~ 3 of Swords

When losing or leaving something central to our idea of self, one of the first reactions is to replace it with something similar. Wells Fargo to Bank of America, Methodist to Adventist, Ford person to a Dodge person. A sense of loss, a hole which we rush to fill up with new personal links and team ra-ra-rah. Being part of something bigger is probably survival instinct at base. Now it's marketing and we buy in without asking why we need it in the first place.

But that dissatisfaction that caused us to move along in the first place? My personal experience is that it is better to not fill that hole, to explore the why of pulling away. Working with the Cathers this week, I'm speaking of religion, but it is true of all our relationships. Whose sheeple agenda did we buy into and why?


  1. I still myself with Catholicism dogma, even though I do not consider myself religious, and definitely not Catholic. Still it was what shaped me for the first sixteen candles on my cake.

  2. My inner holes get filled much better when I use inside material rather than outside stuff. Yet its so hard not to get taken in by what is advertised at times.


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