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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Disneyland Drive By

Tarot of the Cat People ~ 2 of Wands
Partnership, Balance, Division, Desire

We haven't had many vacations. The first, maybe three years after we married was a week. Nevada/Arizona/California. Traveling with a truck driver...point a to point b. Shudder. One of the reasons there were so few. We were out of money by California, did a Disneyland Drive By. About seven years in we got our first dog, Goldy. Things improved because we had to stop to run Goldy.

Our first retired trip was the day after mother was accepted into the memory care home. We were exhausted in every way. We drove straight to Mississippi to see a terminal friend, but we did stop to run the dogs, still the traveling lifesavers.

This is our fourth long retirement trip and we've got it dialed! Just two real destinations, short driving days, several days each stop to explore, and our little house on wheels, no motels! A happy partnership, a balance of who does what, all interests are being met.

Ash, in her favorite spot while I sew. Our first accident? I collect rocks. I would prefer to pile them up behind my seat. Rob dropped it in the pickup bed...on his fiberglass fishing pole. His first pole. Now a broken pole. Oops. 


  1. I think our pets have a better idea of what a vacation means than we do! Hope Rob finds a replacement that makes his loss not such a hard one. Looks like a lovely view from your sewing post (cat included :D).

    1. the wooden and bamboo poles of the olden days were self-fixable. He is doing some research as we speak to see if fiberglass is reparable.
      we have several places booked where we will be backed up to rivers, including the Yellowstone.

  2. I love the picture with Ash hanging out with you. Furry friends are great fun and comfort.


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