Thursday, August 22, 2019

Know Thyself

Prairie Tarot ~ Sun

The face of our childhood, reconciling with the face in the mirror, and the face we present to the world. A moving feast, we change the world, the world changes us, the small personal life and our big life.

If we met a high school friend on the street we might think each other just the same. Spend a week together and we'd know that isn't so at all. Navel pondering is frowned on...and it shouldn't be. Know thyself. Nurture the good, Pounce scrub rinse what isn't.

Ashton Idaho today, the farm where we are staying has a view across fields of barley, contracted to the Idaho Budweiser Beer brewery, with the Tetons 30 miles in the distance. And they have 8 young chickens! I took my book and blanket and set with them, visiting and agreeing life is good. Get some while you can. 


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    1. except I've been dealing with gallbladder attack for 3 days now, misery. On the good side I also haven't eaten or 3 days :)

  2. What a lovely picture in your vacation journal. Amazing the chickens you are finding along your way.


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