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Monday, August 26, 2019

Lessons and Purposes

Cosmic Tarot ~ Star

"Ability to filter soul lessons from emotional waters" "Ability to maintain soul purpose in a group" (from a deck study team).

I've distanced myself from an area of my life I enjoy. The Star makes me wonder if it is drama queen attitude, impatience with silliness, a good thing to take a break, remove it, replace it, get over it. Don't know, maybe all the above. Certainly all things I should consider. I'm glad this card came up, it seldom does for me. Better to ponder the why and the value than ignore.

We are in the world of tiny towns out here so early evening yesterday we took a drive to mail a letter rather than try to find parking for our whole hook-up today. Gorgeous cattle ranch country, lush fields...with tons of antelope and deer enjoying the bounty and dusky cool too. And they aren't worried about lessons and purposes I'm fairly certain. 


  1. A lovely drive across the open lands and enjoying the simplicity of Life. Wonder and beauty to behold.

  2. Sounds as lovely as this card. Makes me think of C.J. Box's Jim Pickett series. :)

  3. And the added bonus of a flamingo! Can we come too?

    1. funny, I thought you Were in this herd of turtles :)


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