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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Reserving Mercurial

Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Choice
Mars in Aquarius in the 7th house
Action with a sense of beauty and injustice

Mood swings, expending far too much energy in negative thoughts and pursuits. (Astrop) My silver hair isn't easy care anymore, my foreshortened breast feels like it has been hit with a dead blow hammer sometimes, I'm sick and tired of watching my weight, why is my closet full of old lady clothes...

Actually my silver is beautiful, I'm lucky to be alive X 10; as my mother would say, come here and I'll give you something to cry about, my closet is full of the same type of clothes I wore at 30...

And my fingernails are the most beautiful, 60's mood ring thermal blue. They go from pale afternoon sky blue to deep purple blue with the temperature. How cool is that? Today my choice is happy. But I reserve the right to be mercurial. 


  1. Mood ring nail polish? That sounds awesome. :) Moodiness comes with humanness, but some of us forget we have the choice to change tracks.

  2. I meant to tell you I love your picture. It always best to choose 'happy' its those day we have work extra hard at, that's the struggle. Same with weight. Happy Trails to you and may you enjoy lots of happy moments and have lots of happy thoughts.

  3. here is an example of how blocked we can get by our own head. I've been stressing for two days about mail on hold. the PO will only accept a hold for 30 days. Last year I threw myself on the mercy of the best clerk and she just took care of it. But a new stern post master this year, rules is rules. I suddenly realized my neighbor who always takes care of my little girls also has a PO Box and she can pick ours up whenever she goes in. How simple is that?


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