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Monday, August 12, 2019


Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Secrets
Venus in Scorpio in the 8th House
Empathy, self control, passion, regeneration

All of the above can be painful positions to hold. We use empathy to help or understand but that doesn't give us the right to throw ourselves into other's lives, at the demerit of our own.
Learning the self control to know when to observe, when to help, when to let someone help themselves is a life lesson, once learned of exceeding value. We can't fix anyone.
Passion? Where would life's fun be without it? We have to be excited about something else why get up in the morning?
Regeneration, part of what I love about being alive. If something I do or think or experience is carpola...I can change it. The need and the want are there, and so am I. I will not be less because it is easier or comfortable. I'm a Scorp, what can I say?


  1. One of the most helpful things I learned in Buddhist philosophy is about 'near enemies,' those traits that seem like a virtue on the outside but are really just the opposite.

  2. Scorpios, are definitely about regeneration. They also tend to hold grudges, so I always try to tread lightly.


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