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Friday, August 2, 2019

Ware Watch Ward

Illuminated Earth Oracle ~ Vulnerability

I have it in me to be a total bedlam bitch. A harridan, a bully, a pusher. A I don't give a crap, I couldn't possibly care less, don't give a damn about anyone or anything. Ruthless. That hard side saved my life, but it could just as easily take it.

I recognize it and it frightens me how easily that side comes out. So I get up in the morning, pull my card, and look for the reminder, the pointer, to a better way. Expose my vulnerabilities. I don't think we could be human without both sides, the first gives us the strength we need to be the second. But that yellow, that defcon three, ware it watch it ward it. 


  1. It is scary to be vulnerable, but it is a reminder of how we all are connected. And if we don't show that side, no one will reach out because they won't realize it is needed.

  2. I really like these cards you are working with this week and your insights.


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