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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Compromise vs Confrontation

Tarot of the Spirit ~ 4 of Wands/Fire

Balanced compromises. Working through an uncompromising attitude. Visible results via efficiency.

Is it arrogance to think compromise is not for us? Probably. If  compromise leaves a hard nugget of anger what do we need to examine? The deal, the other person, or ourselves? Is being right the end all be all of our days? That sounds like the low road to blood pressure and ulcers to me. But what is compromise and what is stiff necked  vs dish rag behavior?

And why is it so hard for humans to recognize and appreciate balance? And find compromise without confrontation? 


  1. We need to choose our battles wisely, figuring out what is important and what is simply our preferences.

  2. What? and give up our self-serving habits. Compromise, oh my!
    Hope you are feeling better today and even better tomorrow.

  3. I agree with thesycamoretree, life is figuring out what is important....and it is different for each of us.


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