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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Emperor Worth The Title

Wayfarer Tarot ~ Emperor

Fredericksburg Texas, settled by German immigrants in the 1840's. Another woefully underfunded money making scheme that went wildly wrong with guarantees too good to be true. Dumped off the boat, no promised transport, no promised supplies, forced to walk with what meager belongings they could carry, sick and weak as they were, they died like flies. And have I said Texas is hot?

John O. Meusebach turned out to be the saving Emperor, kiting checks in a paying off Peter to pay off Paul effort to get the ball back rolling. Made friends with the Comanches, choose a whole different place than the planners in Germany settlement. The first Emperor I've met that I've admired. We've spent two days at the National War of the Pacific Museum (Admiral Nimitz was born here), the Pioneer Museum, today it is Fort Martin Scott and the Texas Rangers Heritage Center. Sadly we'll miss the Lyndon B Johnson ranch house, closed for repairs.


  1. Good Morning Sharyn, peaceful little log cabin picture makes me happy. Thank-you!

  2. Has there ever been a porch without a rocking chair, bench or porch swing? It's just one of those places to sit and enjoy the world.

    1. lots of porches here with lots of rockers. Lots of outdoor chairs in the park even. Never see anyone sitting in them though. Odd that.


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