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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Gathering and Reflection

Celtic Festival Cards ~ Mabon

Time for thanksgiving and reflection this equinox. Still a busy time, much needs to be worked; late jams, nuts roasted, fruit dried, grains readied for grinding, stock that can't be fed through  winter butchered. The underlying anxiety, will what we have be enough, how many will starve this year.

I'm reading my fourth Ann Swinfen story, set in autumn 1353. A book merchants family and their small community still reeling from the massive losses of the recent plague. Bread and cheese can be purchased, but the idea of canned goods and green grocers are still centuries in the future. What you have is what there is. Speak carefully, cast a tiny shadow lest the church falls on you from a high place. Freedom of thought and speech is also centuries away. I'm thankful for the plentitude of the of simple things I need, the rest is modern window dressing.

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  1. I hope the only history I have to relive is through historical books. We do indeed have plenty.


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