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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Growing A Life

Egyptian Grand Jeu De L'Oracle Des Dames ~ Ace of Coins

What do we grow? We grow our health and happiness with our attitude and effort. While I pondered on this card Ash came to help, as she has since a baby. I grew a fine cat, a fourteen pounder.

From a 5 of Coins money pit in 1989 we've regrown a nice home. A strong marriage, my greatest treasure. A nest egg once I pulled my head out and honed financial stewardship. Voracious reading has grown knowledge from every book I laid hands upon. My joint hobbies of tarot and quilting, both offering a spectrum of interesting options. We grew in setting aside our own lives to care for Rob's dad and my mother as they did for us.

I've grown in my appreciation of the scope and beauty of our physical, dinosaur grounds in Vernal Utah. Life is good, knowledge is growth. 


  1. Hmm... I wonder what the beautiful Ash would think of my 14.5 lb. seal gray boy, Cloud. (He is a teddy bear at heart.)

  2. Whew! big kitties. My gal is 9 pounds, maybe I should give her some extra treats.

    1. Honcho is a tidy package of 9 pounds, just right. Ash was big to begin with, her paws were like platters when she was still hand size. A big cat is good, a fat cat not so, shortens their too short to begin with lives. Rob often calls Ash is like she doesn't have any bones, you have to lift her with two hands or she just pours through! Maybe some Ragdoll in her lineage.


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