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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Heel Like A Goiter

Harmonious Tarot ~ Page of Swords

Preening, first day of Page school, a little kid appreciating new shoes. Oh how I loved new school shoes. Couldn't wait to get home from town to try them on, march around my little bedroom. Plus two new outfits, which to wear which to wear? But socks! 100% better today, they don't slide down into the shoe to be yanked up again and again, the top becoming a baggy wreath with the heel above the ankle like a goiter.

And because Wishkah was a small school, no matter what we chose to wear the first day someone else would be wearing it too, because Aberdeen with it's Penney's or Sears was our only source.

I don't look back longingly for my youth, I appreciate where I am today but back to school days are fun to remember. Go to it Page, life begins with learning. 


  1. With five kids, we got a lot of hand-me-downs. That wasn't bad, but my older sis and I had outfits from twins. We always had to plan around not wearing the same outfit. :)

  2. twins hand me downs, been laughing all day. Mine came from an aunt 2 years older and I thought they were wonderful. Although I don't know how they came by her clothes, grama and grampa were even poorer than we were.

    1. Goodwill and Mothers crafty ability to turn and needle and thread, kept us clothed.

  3. At all our schools here the children wear a uniform, so they all do look the same. Such a blessing as a parent.


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