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Friday, September 6, 2019

Live Sighting

Ostara Tarot ~ Queen of Swords

Her sword is rather ceremonial, not much good for sharp thought. Is that a tv rabbit ears in her hand? Did they ever do any good?  How often have I worked a really good idea to death, only to realize it wasn't a good idea to begin with?

An amazing day in Vernal Utah, the dinosaur wall, and thousand year old petroglyphs from the Fremont peoples. And one live dinosaur sighting...


  1. Her TV rabbit ears look like they are coming out of the CBS symbol. :) I can remember putting tinfoil on ours...
    Awesome petroglyphs! (I'm thoroughly enjoying your photos.)

  2. It sure appears to be a composite of those supposed receivers. Maybe the Queen is using a visual aid to help her focus. Enjoy those dino hunts.

  3. I've never seen pretty petroglyphs before! and if I hadn't enlarged your rock, I wouldn't have seen the little fella there. Great pics. -Kate

    1. my first real petroglyphs also. My favorite deck is the Shaman's Oracle with art by Wil Kinghan, so powerful.


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