Saturday, September 28, 2019

Mental Flint Knapping

Norse Tarot ~ 9 of Swords

The foundation of the mind. Will it hold? Yesterday's post reminds me what a delicate line I walk between a healthy mind and that black abyss where cheer does not exist at the inner core, just occasionally flaps a bony wing against the dome.

But we are in a beautiful park in Ingram Texas, looking out over a pecan orchard where miniature ponies graze. I hear a rooster to the east singing at first light and Johnson Creek runs through the ranch where Rob has already found some beautiful honey flint which has lead to learning about Cherokee flint knapping for arrowheads and knives. If I keep that core busy perhaps I can hold back the dark.

If I don't try where am I? With the 9 of Swords, that's where. 


  1. Miniature ponies - how fun! Use whatever flashlights and lanterns you have access to, my friend, to hold back that darkness. (((S)))

  2. Beautiful view. Physical illness can sabotage mental health. Perhaps dealing with one will help the other.


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