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Monday, September 16, 2019

Nameless Kings

Carnival At The End Of The World ~ King of Swords

Marginalized people will always seek to form a group. For protection and for understanding. And in that nucleus there is always the King of Swords figure. The one with both the sword and the rose.

I'm reading the Institute by Stephen King and Lost Innocents by Denise Domning, listening to The Heart of Barkness by Spencer Quinn, and we are watching Corner Gas, Hawaii Five-0, and Foyle's War. All full of marginalized people, probably the basic human story.

If we think about it our lives are full of these Kings, some close, some nameless and they all deserve to be honored. I can think of at least a dozen. Thank you for your caring protection and guidance.


  1. I think those marginalized folks are how most 'found families' develop.

  2. Here! Here! to the Kings on the Checker Board of Life


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