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Monday, September 30, 2019

Raise The Bar

Chinese Tarot ~ 10 of Coins

Legging of lamellar armor, is this a warrior? Many layers of clothing, northern climes? Helmet, high rank? Florid face, high blood pressure, too much wine, anger management issues?

Compared to straw shoes, loose trousers, and faded shirt of a peasant this figure seems rich beyond compare. But is he? I see a man weighted by accoutrements and limited by requirements rather than free via wealth.

The thing is, we can look at a stranger and make all kind of assumptions and guesswork, all or none may be right, and we'll never know the heart of that stranger. A peasant may be rich beyond compare in common sense and family values, a king could be eyeballs in debt and penurious of heart and mind. By what and whose bar are we measuring who is having a 10 of Coins life? Are we


  1. If I can focus on what I have rather than what I want, it's definitely a ten. :)

    1. If I didn't stay on top of it I could make myself crazy with everyone else is 10 and I'm 4 ;) If I still did tv and magazines I'd be bombarded with glossy ads and action photos of everything I'm not, everything I don't have. then I wonder if I'm just being bull headed and contrary which isn't my intent. Maybe I would be happier with a bigger shinier faster I know I'm still being influenced by what passes before my eyebulbs, awae or not. Raining and 90 here. Refusing to cry like a girlie and run home :)

  2. Hopefully. 97° here today. Better than the three feet of snow in the mountains in Montana and the High Rockies.

  3. no kidding but our plan is home via Montana and Colorado and Wyoming ;)


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