Saturday, September 21, 2019

Unformed Malformed Reformed

Spirit Keepers Tarot ~ 5 of Cups

"When your blood, sweat, and tears have been expended without yielding fruition or meaning, The Grotesque is the spirit who will appear by your side" Benebell Wen.  The ugly or distorted one.

There are support groups online and off for Everything, however odd or rare. So I know whatever I might be feeling, I'm not the only one. A relief. But one thing I've learned about support groups is they enhance rather than lighten the burden. The subject becomes all encompassing and limits my thought processes, they trap rather than release. The Thing becomes the be all end all, the life focal point.

They make it too easy to forget those two upright cups, and everything valuable and whole and worthwhile. Support is good, immersion isn't;  maintaining a wider view keeps the Grotesque from overwhelming. 


  1. I agree some support groups dwell to much on the problem rather than the solution. There is a 'wallow' factor there that might seem to help but actually doesn't do anything but keep a person stuck.

    1. it is in my nature to immerse. So difficult to recognize when enough is enough and pull back, put perspective back in the mix.


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