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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Your Chariot Awaits

Rohrig Tarot ~ Chariot

There are fifty rigs here in the park from all over the country for the RVQuilters Sew2Gether retreat. From Teardrop and Casita to the massive busses, they all hold a quilter and the gear needed for seven days of sewing.

One of the ladies was raised in Panama and she and her dad would fly up and follow the auto racing circuit. I think we've traveled the farthest to get here, 4600 miles to date. Riding down the road in our big Dodge is like riding down the road while sitting in the living smooth and comfortable. Unlike thousands of miles on a wood wagon seat following muddy or dusty or rocky wagon ruts.

Cheap air travel has cheated us of knowing the richness and diversity of the true beauty of the land we inhabit. I'll bet there are incredible treasures within a four hour drive of where ever we all are at this minute. awaits. 


  1. I bet you two have more leg room and comfort in your chariot than you would have on any airplane flight!

    1. oh yes, and my seat reclines fully which has come in handy when I've been ill, and not just the 3/8" allotted on planes ;)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a week! Enjoy yourself. -Kate


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