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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Can't Take It With Us

Game Of Thrones Tarot ~ Queen of Coins

 Lady Olenna, matriarch of House Tyrell. The problem with getting higher and higher is the potential for the bigger the fall. I have a successful and wealthy niece, worked hard for it, earned it, as far as I know is happily enjoying it. But I remember her mother saying the year they made Fortune Magazines top ten entrepreneurs list  her big fear early on was failing and facing 'the looks'.

I have another niece who has been through bankruptcy. As has our president, although that seems a relative concept, he wasn't reduced to one vehicle and a tiny apartment in a scary part of town.

Perhaps the point with all our inner Lady Olenna's is did we live a good life, and did we die a good death. Because we can't take it with us.


  1. Nothing wrong with 'having,' but will we be remembered for our kindness or our self-interest...


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