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Friday, October 18, 2019

Change Of Heart

Santa Muerte Tarot ~ 2 of Cups

We'll be home by afternoon after 7000+ miles. Good memories, interesting places, beautiful country, nice people, new experiences. Bland overused adjectives, I don't know words big enough to describe how much I love the land in which I was born.

A gift of being away from home and the familiar gives perspective for the heart to know the difference between life-keeper and life-waster. My Cups heart has been cogitating with my Sword brain, Wands hands nudging Coins life changes will be involved.

Morning on the Umitilla Reservation looking back on the Blues mountain foothills.


  1. 7000 miles... wow. Now I've got Carpenter's 'Fly Away Home' lyrics playing in my head:

    Farewell for a while
    I'm going away
    But I'll be back
    Though I go 10,000 miles
    10,000 miles
    My own true love
    10,000 miles or more
    The rocks may melt
    And the seas may burn
    If I should not return

  2. What of what the doctors had to say about your eyesight? Hope there are more trips for you to view your beloved country places.

    1. no response yet from the who-be's who have the final say.
      Home by noon, had my tea with two bags of mail, after a good nights sleep we'll tackle cleaning the 5th wheel tomorrow. Life is good.


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