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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Curiosity Is A Cat Named Sharyn

Alchemical Tarot Renewed ~ Knight of Cups/Vessels

"He samples the water, the fish is a messenger from the unconscious – seeking information, questing into the unconscious." Robert Place

What drives an info-junkie? Seems like a Coins or Swords suit thing, but curiosity is a cat named Sharyn and my under-mini-me trusts Robert Place to know his alchemical knights.

That inner seeker is probably what led me to, and loves and hates what the cards bring out; occasionally something I didn't know I knew or thought, often a curd that makes me squirm. The cup, the fish, the quest, it's all good with me.

It led me to hunt down all the information available on my rare eye disease, got me into a world wide study, and is the focus of our next destination, a participating clinic in Salt Lake City Utah. We spent the night in Clines Corner New Mexico on a rock pile, buffeted by wind. I dreamed of beautiful Utah vistas, and today we will see them. 


  1. I am an info-junkie myself (which is one of the many reasons I love your blog). Looking forward to hearing about your experience in Utah. How's the pup?

    1. his face is still a little swollen and still on soft food, but animals recover quick because they don't spend time feeling sorry for themselves, a lesson I need to practice. More worrisome is he is nearly blind now and seems to be losing his hearing, results of his poor puppymill breeding. I wish the same on them. Double dapple is a rare breed and requires meticulous bloodline records or the pups are born blind and/or deaf or worse.

    2. Safe travels. I was thinking about you heading North out of the Desert Southwest to the cold and blustery North. Not much water for your knight to troll in the southwest.
      Thank goodness your dog has you and Rob; surely the best comfort and life he would get bar-none.

    3. I've often said when I come back I want it to be as Rob's dog...that's the life!


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