Sunday, October 6, 2019


Green Witch Tarot ~ World Tree

When I was a child I climbed alder trees and thought my child thoughts. As an adult, the trees remind me I'm immaterial, a short timer, pointless in the long term. Which reinforces how sweet life is and the importance of priorities and completions. And how much I love the Ents.

When the World card eludes me. it is a  message to recenter. It is so easy to float along, day to day, doing the same things in the same order, disregarding this is my life I'm burning up, frowning over the minutia. Some time under the century old pecan trees here, in appreciation for what I have and who I have the capability of becoming seems a good start to a new week. 


  1. I was a tree climber - they were my safe places. Now I realize that I must take their advice - be rooted in the moment - to find serenity.

  2. alders grow fast and consequently are short lived. But a great kid choice because they are still quite flexible when tall. So I'd go high....and then rock them. Wonder I didn't get flung into the next county. Now taking closer looks at the rough thick bark of the older lived trees is a favorite thing. That bark is much like me...not very bendable, but shows its beauty in its longevity.

  3. Your post today seems very profound and has struck a couple of chords that hummed when I read it. Here I am taking a week off to let go of my thoughts and try to just be, and you have given me something to think on.

  4. I am continually amazed at what the cards pull out. I so seldom draw the World, I had to start by info-junkieing. What the hell is a world tree? Pull up the kindle and see what different deck books say about the card. Completion. What's that? Am I done blogging, have I said it all, thought it all? And in the end, what I need lands on the page, minus all the paragraphs I always write and then delete...Recenter. And I have been, all day. Guess completion doesn't mean I'm done writing :) Have a wonderful week. Hug your kitten. Get a haircut. And do something out of the ordinary. Reawaken.


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