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Thursday, October 3, 2019


Shadowscapes Tarot ~ 5 of Coins

More coping, dadgumit. Yesterday people conflict, today worldly health issues, we have a doggie with his face all swollen up. Bad tooth? Scorpion? And he sure wants to know why he didn't get brekus...We'll start calling vets shortly.

Last night it was Airing The Quilts in Ingram Texas, 42 rig spaces draped, hung, covered with quilts, too fun, not something many will see in an RV park!

And while my machine is away stitching madly in the Bunk House, Honcho nests and watches the miniature horses and herd of Axis deer wander by. And did I say it was hot? 


  1. How nice that you have your tribe travelling with you.

  2. Hope the pup's problem is something that can be easily remedied by the vet. The quilts hanging among RVs is like an Americanized version of a circle of Romany wagons. :) That quilt with the circles is especially wonderful.

  3. mouth abscess, surgery Monday, wonderful vet!

  4. What fun! Hope the doggie heals quickly.


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