Friday, October 11, 2019


Centennial RWS ~ Justice

Most Justice cards show the scales dead even. Balanced is the ideal but generally we are in the process of getting there, because life isn't static. We've got our innie me and outtie me working the center, above and below, past and future dealings, means vs ends.

When have I ever been done wrong, and was it ever addressed? I can think of four. The first two were from childhood, those people are all dead. The third and forth? I'll never get Justice as money is involved and that always trumps truth.

A thought to think on today. When have I done someone wrong, and have I addressed it? Was it delebrite with malice aforethought or no thought at all? Sobering. Yesterday between Albuquerque New Mexico, through Colorado, to Farmington Utah we crossed at least six reservations. Also sobering. No Justice whatsoever. 


  1. America, Land of the Free... not exactly, if you are any color other than white.

  2. No Justice, but huge lessons we did not learn.


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