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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Stockpile and Hunker?

Cathar Tarot ~ 9 of Wands/Shields

No longer an abstract concept, this Cathar is face to face with personal annihilation by the Crusaders.

Which begs the question, while I sit here at the very heart of Mormon country, what will I do if/when faced with having to fight for what I believe rather than shout from my soapbox? Would I take up arms? Would I run? Would I stockpile and hunker hiding from friend and foe alike? In the end it didn't matter for the Cathars, those oh so Holy Crusaders annihilated them.

Just what do I believe in strongly enough to fight? Because I sure as hell don't believe in war. Maybe that's what the bullys depend on? People like me saying, I didn't vote for him, so all the human rights being steamrolled, well, it isn't me doing it? 9 of Wands...

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  1. Makes me all the more amazed at folks like MLK and Gandhi who stood up for what they believed in but did it nonviolently.


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