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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

To Be Continued...

Crystal Visions Tarot ~ Page of Coins

Court cards. I doubt I'm the only one who sighs when one comes up, much easier to interp minors and majors. Then I checked the master list this Rogue card came from and laughed at the name.

I am a page today, in search of crystal vision. they've held me over here for a second battery of tests, because my broken and withered eye rods may be eligible for experimental surgery. There is no concept of restoration, but the theory is it would prevent further vision deterioration and the eventual blindness.

A story, to be continued...  


  1. I am keeping you in my good thoughts. Ever hopeful we must be.

  2. That sounds promising! Holding hope in my heart with Carolyn.

  3. Here's hoping for the best possible outcome. Kate


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