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Monday, October 21, 2019

Whence Comes Knowledge?

Llewellyn Tarot ~ Hierophant

Taliesin, ancient Welsh bard. Reading his works this morning I find The First Address of Taliesin and a kindred info-junkie spirit. If you don't ask you'll never know...
Whence come night and day?
Whence will the eagle become gray?
Whence is it that night is dark?
Whence is it that the linnet is green?
The ebullition of the sea,
How is it not seen?
Who was confessor
To the gracious Son of Mary?
What was the most beneficial measure
Which Adam accomplished?
Who will measure Uffern?2
How thick its veil?
How wide its mouth?
What the size of its stones?
Or the tops of its whirling trees?
Who bends them so crooked?
Or what fumes may be
About their stems?


  1. I think I too would find a kindred spirit in Taliesin. :)

  2. Well I did not expect to find a translation of Taliesin here! Takes me back to my college days trying to make sense of it in the original Mediaeval Welsh. I still love to read my old anthology of Welsh poetry and my Bible in Welsh. Diolch del.

  3. quirk goes around some odd corners...remember when you came home from work to find David had discovered a site that teaches Klingon?


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