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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Prideful Path

Tao Oracle ~ Hexagram 29 The Abysmal

"I’ve learned that much of life’s rich experience is missed by going too fast. By slowing down and being with whatever IS, the interconnectedness of things and events is more readily apparent; then understanding and the way to proceed become clear." Ma Deva Padma

29. Water over water: Flow like pure water through difficult situations. Brian Browne Walker translation

Troubles, difficulties, darkness. My stubbornness, show no fear, got no problems, ignore it mindset is coming home to roost and I'm backed into a corner. As I read Ma's words and think my rat in a trap thoughts I am forced to review how I got here, eight months of move along nothing to see... Not the way out but the way in, and how many times I've repeated this route over the years. There is a lesson here to cogitate on this day. Pride is a path to trouble.


  1. On the reverse side of that pride coin is fear (often hidden by false pride). Hope you find a way to flow rather than dam it up. (((S)))

  2. Continually traveling the same path causes a groove which then becomes challenging to get out of. That's Life, everyday we get a new opportunity.

  3. appreciating the lesson this card is reminding me of.


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