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Monday, December 2, 2019

A Sad Thought

Stolen Child Tarot ~ King of Coins/Oak

"Choice of informed action" Monica Knighton. In a search for John Muir writings I found A Journal of Ramblings through the High Sierras of California,  Joseph LeConte, 1870. "The party was to go in regular pioneer style, cooking their own provisions, and sleeping under the open sky whenever a convenient place was found; each man was to bestride his own horse, carry his own bedding behind his saddle, and his clothing, with the exception of one change of underwear, on his back." It took them six weeks from Oakland to Yosemite California and back, If you stopped for lunch, about a four hour auto trip.

And what a trip, for what were basically city men. Even running into John Muir and spending a few days in his company. An 'informed action', that probably colored the rest of their lives. I've been there, the beauty is burned into my retinas. To imagine a human who doesn't open their eyes to nature each day is a sad thought indeed.


  1. John Muir is one of my heroes, and one of the reasons we have our national parks.

  2. i used to love to drive and explore. Most of my exploration now is in books.


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