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Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Stolen Child Tarot ~ Page of Wands/Flame

"It's a process" Billy Crystal, Analyze That
"Sustained transformation" Monica Knighton

   I have a 45 year old cheap when built kitchen. Practical person that I am, I'd never just gut and replace, better things to do with my money. That said, the worn cupboards hurt my eyes. So based on a conversation heard at the beach last year, I contracted with a painter to paint kitchen and cupboards next month.
   Months of cogitation made me realize if the rest was brightened up, the 1970's formica countertops that were surely chosen for the harvest gold or olive appliances of the day should go too. Enter order for Mesa by Livingstone. Will look smashing with the butterscotch wall paint and almond cupboards.
   Which led to a new set in sink, ooOooOo beauty! And faucet. And Black Friday, a new dishwasher. But in my defense it has a handle which eliminates the cost of a new towel rack. And after looking at prices I'm keeping the current doorknobs, they were nice when I bought them 10 years ago in a misguided attempt to update a carpola kitchen and they are still nice.
   It's a process. And I'm excited!


  1. Such fun. You will be cooking and brewing all kinds of goodies in kitchen since you will want to spend so much time in it.

  2. How exciting! Please provide pictures after it's completed. I hope to do some updates after we get through with restoring what got messed up.

  3. Carolyn, Rob does all the cooking now, but I'll be doing all the clean up in my long wished for shiny kitchen.
    Bev, I always have to laugh at the before and after kitchen re-do photos, the befores are always way better than my reality :) I didn't think to get a before, before Rob tore off the backsplash, but I'm going to get some today, and will surely share. The lighter cupboards will be a treasure in themselves. And I saved so much money by not buying that towel rack ;)


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