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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Enormous Girth

Stolen Child Tarot ~ Chariot

In some mythologies Turtle carries Earth on her back. Charming. Comforting to the Flat Earth Society. NASA wouldn't believe it of course, they'd call it fake news.

Sometimes we have to set our logical mind aside and ride the tide. I have a clay and porcelain dragon turtle to which I say good morning and give sips of tea. So would it be a leap to think as infestinal specks we spend our short lives supported by a turtle of enormous girth? Makes more sense to me than many other myths of creation; I'd far rather think of a turtle in charge of my ultimate destiny than current world leaders. 


  1. A box turtle! I'm very fond of these creatures. My mom has them in her back yard and feeds them fruit and tomatoes. They now recognize her and will come over when they see her.
    Your post makes me think of Prachett's Discworld:

  2. Me too! Ancient wisdom with the turtles, passed from generation to generation. Not so with our World leaders, who think they know it all.


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