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Monday, January 13, 2020

Inherit The Void

Blum/Gern Rune Deck ~ Othila

Seperation, peeling off old skins, radical severance, inheritance. Because when a void is made something fills it.

In this case choosing our own inheritance, that which fills the void. That space could be bookshelves, which I emptied last year. Favorite books replaced on audio. Rob's classic BritWit series and movies. Photo albums, seven reduced to three decluttered of photos we wondered why to took, why we saved, a good exercise indeed. Shoebox sized containers of specific cuts of fabric, ready to stitch into something wonderful. Northwest Fly Fishing magazines, fingertip ready to plan an exciting trip or a little armchair travel. That yawning emptiness that filled me with such sorrow a year ago, twenty-seven shelves now repurposed with pure pleasure. Best kind of inheritance, the one we give ourselves. 


  1. Well I got rid of another smallish sized box of stuff. I am not making the progress of you. I keep telling or deluding myself, that slow and steady wins the race.

    1. maybe you don't have excess stuff. It isn't the law you know :)


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