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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Powerful Purification

Blum/Gern Rune Deck ~ Berkana

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Gotta be the longest movie title in history. But two funny (odd) things happened yesterday. Me being so self controlled and all...

I had an episode of rage, so bad I hurt my jaws clenching my teeth, my throat was raw from screaming through those teeth, my thighs have bruises where I gripped them with my fingers. I went out on the deck in the black rainy predawn and did some deep breathing, a lot of slow forward salutations, some self this morning I've identified the root. I've worked so hard to adapt to my changing eyes, and something I did backfired. And there's me, thinking I'd gotten on with life, it is what it is. Apparently not.

The other was an expression of grief for my mother, that took me so by surprise...maybe that shouting harridan with dementia who has been dead for three years will finally begin to recede and Real mom will come forward. I can hope for that new beginning. It would be a blessed relief. 


  1. Just when we think we are calmer, more centered, something seeps through the cracks or our facade. Always more work to be done.

    1. yes, the one truism of living life. And a good reason to get up every day...

  2. Lord, how our anger can be so intense and such a surprise sometimes! Glad you got some of it out. -Kate


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