Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Animism Tarot ~ 6 of Coins

Cheung describes this as the plover cleaning an alligator's teeth. A crocodile yes, but I find no references to this relationship between plover and alligator. Just getting that out of the way...

But the card does symbolize cause and effect, and ripples that spread. Thinking on this I just offered a large bin of the required fabrics to the closest Days For Girls chapter. I have an acquaintance that makes charming medical masks for children with congenital heart defects for Massachusetts hospitals. The local guild makes hundreds of quilts for battered women's shelters and the homeless. All quilters doing what they love to do, working with needle and fabric, spreading the love. In a world that needs it. Plover and crocogator...


  1. Symbiotic relationship. Crocogator indeed! You just never know.
    Your fabric gifts are truly wonderful.

  2. So many heartfelt gifts are given to those who people have never met. A friend used to make teddy bears from the shirts of people who died for their kids and grandkids.


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