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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Drama Queen Chariot

Animism Tarot ~ Chariot

We have a friend who has a black horse. Very rare. Big offers from all over the world. Lives in a kind of tumbledown barn. But he gets love every day, companionship of other horses, and cares squat about human dollar value.

A neighbor has a shetland, dumped on BLM land, running with the big horses. They say they rescued him, but I see a lonely animal just existing, with little attention at all.

About ten years ago I braved up and patted a horse's soft nose. Most of my horse experience comes from reading westerns as a kid, and a few Wayne and Eastwood movies.

I'd love to have two or three mules, an animal that knows it's worth. Chariot and companion and no drama queen stuff...

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