Sunday, February 9, 2020


Animism Tarot ~ 4 of Cups

Sloths move about 41 yards a day. Low metabolism via a simple twig/bud/leaf diet. Works for them, where do that have to go?

Wet and cold  here, some days I never leave the house. But my lawn is greening up and could already use its first mowing of the year. I feel the yearning to leave my tree, get busy, get going, blow the cobwebs out of my headspace. To all intents and purposes I'm healed from my surgery. Time to leave off sloth life and get out in real space.

And the moon is stunning this morning, I've already been out at 4:15 for a sweeping forward fold salutation and a quick moonwalk. Can a brisk day walk be far behind?


  1. Glad you're healed and feel like moving and doing. We are currently moving out everything in two rooms into other rooms as the floor work begins again tomorrow. I may need a sloth week by the time this week is over. :D


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