Friday, February 28, 2020

Planned For Or Not

Dreamkeepers Tarot ~ 6 of Swords

At 5:AM I pulled this card and with my fuzzy vision saw it as 9 of Swords. Then I was sure it was 10 of Swords and wondered how I could connect both with my day. Spent some time looking at the charming chaos, nothing is as it seems, of Jen Kingwell quilts, thought some more, picked up the card again, and realized it was 6 of Swords. But an exceedingly odd one. A mental journey perhaps, rather than physical. A journey of illusion.

Which is a perfect card for me, as I've been on a mental journey of my own, having been flipped into it by an offhand comment by my niece. I've gone through meltdown grief, black rage, teeth-grinding bitch stage, ruthless I don't give a crap stage, recognition of the kernel that blew me sideways, and then worked across my perspective from there. It has been this kind of journey, all mental, involving no one else, but a serious movement in perspective. A life changer. 6 of Swords. What can I say, it happens, expected and planned for or totally not. 


  1. Sometimes it takes those bombs to blow up my rigid perspective so that I might consider another one. But like you, there is much mental gnashing that goes on before I get there.

  2. For me, wishing nothing anyone says or does could ever again upset me, the challenge is to take no action and keep quiet for a while rather than reacting outwardly. It's made a huge difference in that I haven't contributed to the pot-stirring that goes on in my mind and makes things worse by drawing others in. A day or two of standing back sometimes changes everything and gives me a chance to work through things simply instead of clouding the waters. But I still wish I could be "too cool for school" and never shaken by someone else's attitudes! Maybe that's not a state I or anyone will ever achieve, and maybe we're not meant to? - Kate


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