Sunday, February 16, 2020

They Said It Wouldn't Last

Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle ~ Persephone

 Eleusinian Mysteries, a marriage based on kidnapping. Chthonic snowbirds, spring wheat, and general upheaval of local populations. Thousands of years after mythic worship has faded, the locals persevere. And spring wheat. And Hades and Persephone's marriage.

Rob and I will be celebrating 50 years on the 27th. We are still honeymooning. He still looks 25 to me, sexy, capable, funny and fun, caring, generous, smart, thoughtful, exciting. They said it wouldn't last. Ha.


  1. Goodness, congratulations are definitely in order! What a gift it is to have a mate who is also a devoted friend.

  2. A Celebration is called for. Great for you both, good times and not so good times.

  3. Congratulations. We were told the same ❤️

  4. we make a point to celebrate being together every day. But we'll probably go out to lunch ;)

  5. Well ain't you two just an inspiration to the rest of us! Congratulations on your good fortune -- partnered up with such a good and attractive friend. -Kate


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