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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Posture Is A Choice

Peanuts Tarot ~ 2 of Coins

All day every day we have choices. Even the choice to not choose which is a real choice in itself.

I've doubled my St. Johns Wart. I feel the weeps behind my eyes, the putting up the fence against the world, the quick judgement wanting to spring forward.

I'm watching Gilligan's Island. A three hour cruise, and how many books did the professor bring? Just how many hats did Mr. Howell take? How many people visited the island and left them there? A favorite? The Producer when Phil Silvers plays Harold Hecuba and puts on Hamlet. Watch it, see if you can choose to keep from singing along.


  1. A goofy comedy that is still enjoyed.

  2. A friend of my husband posted: "I got so bored late last night that I called Jake from State Farm. He asked me what I was wearing." Keeping my head up to look for every smile or wonder I can find right now.

  3. this is a real opportunity to reset our priorities and sort out the chaff. And count smiles in the gratitude pile.


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