Monday, March 23, 2020

Self Occupy

Green Witch Tarot ~ 5 of Cups

Aside from not wanting what she has, this is an odd image. Blackberry season is high summer, and there are no leaves on the trees. Maybe the trees are full of dissatisfaction also. Or blight.

Cabin fever will come upon us all. how we deal with it will speak volumes. I've been no where since the 2nd of March to get groceries. Since I had my lung cancer surgery I've had a chronic hack that occasionally develops into a wheezy coughing fit. I'd be stoned if I started that in public, I'd understand, they don't know my story.  Interesting times, thankful I know how to self occupy.

Washington's current status: 95 deaths among 1,996 coronavirus cases statewide


  1. The lady pouring out the cup reminds me of how easy it is to have bad things happen, then self-sabotage when any good thing arrives.
    Glad you are staying safe. We're at the peak of allergy season here, with yellow snow everywhere. It's hard to tell who's got what.

    1. things are blooming, but we are probably a week or so out from mass pollen from the trees. We turn green rather than yellow, but with the same effect!

  2. Pollen season beginning here as well. I have leaking eyes and sniffles. Dare I go out and face the uninformed of my allergies. Easier to stay home


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