Saturday, March 21, 2020

World Of Buts

Matlock The Hare ~ Ostara

Spring Equinox here in the northern hemisphere, the perfect balance of light and dark. The garden space has been tilled thrice, a good portion of our winter wood is cut and ready to bring up to stack and dry. If it were warmer at night the little chicks would already be in the pen, rather than their large crate in the garage. They are so beautiful.

The lawn has been mowed twice, the forsythia and daphne are in bloom as are the daffodils. We are vexed about veggie seeds, doesn't seem a critical need to go out for but this is when we usually buy them. But we don't plant garden until May. But the overall worry pushes the anxiety buttons. A world of buts.


  1. Some of the stores here are offering senior citizen hours so the physical distancing won't be such a problem when groceries need to be bought. Some young adults seem to be more concerned with buying stuff than keeping their distance.

  2. yes, our groceries have senior hours too. Not that I'm in that land yet :) she keeps saying

  3. Well you and Rob have been busy. I bet the baby chicks are a delight.


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