Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Heart's Desire

Di Vinci Enigma Tarot ~ 9 of Cups/Water
Dimmi: What is your heart's desire?

Up until a few years ago visiting the ancient sites in Egypt was always the top of my list. Now I can afford it and I'm old and tired and afraid of the Middle East. Not on the list at all.
A bright shiny kitchen like the magazines show. Accomplished in January with a good painter and new counter tops. My fifty year old kitchen is bright and shiny.
To die easy or quick. Not afraid of death, but there are a Lot of bad ways to get there.
Over-commonsensical, but I'm good with what I've got, where I've been, what I've done, who I am. My heart's desire is not waste my days and life, something always within my control.


  1. The kitchen sounds lovely. Love deeply and live fully is my aspiration. We were sporting our awesome masks to to the grocery story today. :)

  2. I always wanted to go to Egypt. Probably never going to happen. I concede I am old and tired too. I am one of those lucky individuals who is loving this lock up. No appointments to run out for. My little girls all have masks and Velvet is superior as of now she can't get the virus. I haven't had this free time for two years!!!
    I won't run out of fabric or thread, just time.I like the color of your kitchen walls. My question is what is wasting your time? If you are doing what makes you happy, even if sitting still and looking out a window. Wasting time is up to the individual.


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