Sunday, April 19, 2020

More Than Style

Tree Wisdom Cards ~ Resourcefulness

When we all come out into the light again it will be pretty funny how we look with no barber and hairdresser care for months. I hope they all raise their rates and nobody complains. 

I'd sworn off getting haircuts and manicures and pedicures last fall, bravado because whatever was killing them all from the breast cancer medicine finally cleared my system and I have strong healthy keratin again, but now that I can't have one I'm hankering for a haircut. In the meanwhile it seems to have gone totally Meg Ryan. Like our tree here...

From my side of the monitor you all look lovely. Always do, always will. We are more than Style. Maybe we'll start appreciating that. 


  1. Some of my peeps like using the no video platform when we meet so no one has to worry about what we look like. :)
    I imagine you could pull off the Meg Ryan look well.

  2. Remember the one and only time I had my hair coloured? You all decided that I looked 10 years younger and so I could run around after you! Happy days.


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