Thursday, April 9, 2020

Pink Swiss Chard!

Tarot of the Origins ~ 9 of Cups/Soul

Serene, organized, at peace. Or, open to circumstances. Ah, more like it.

I had a man ask for five children's masks yesterday. I said no, sorry. I didn't say, kids are out of school for a reason, to shelter in place. I didn't say I've seen kids with masks...up on their foreheads, under their chins, swinging by the strings, edge in the mouth being chewed on. Granted, I haven't been out since March 2nd, but I doubt kids have changed and they are supposed to be at home.

I had an ICU nurse come yesterday. She was crying because it was her day off and she said she felt guilty for taking care of her own business. I've had people show up with thread (thank you so much!) and veggie seeds (pink swiss chard, 9 of cups!) Life flows, we make of it what we will. I'm making masks. 


  1. It takes a village. And you have yours.

  2. The amazing thing is I have quite a bit of batiks, but never used them. Then at church fairs I kept buying bias tape, no clue what I would use them for. Now I know, making masks. I keep saying no more and I go down and make more. I was surprised at how many people wanted them~ I even mailed my son and his wife's parents masks.
    I used up elastic asked for more got it and used it, then went on to bias binding, used it up and asked for more and people give willingly. I asked for 50¢ a mask and used that to buy more bias tape. This is in the blood, I can't stop!!! I also have made at least 50 for the VNA. This is really fun! People wanted to pay more, but I said I just need it to replenish.

    1. 1000 thumbs up Joan! I took two days off because I had quite a few ahead, but lots of requests yesterday so am at it again today. Making the ties from width of fabric 2" strips and finishing like binding. Easy.

    2. I think that is great for all of those making masks. I saw a video on FB the other day about cutting a sock up for a face mask. Very easy and simple and something to do with all those onesies after the other disappears done the rabbit hole. I am thread and needle impaired. Thank goodness I received a couple in the mail today from a very special friend.


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