Monday, April 27, 2020

Presenting As Stolid

Golden Lenormand ~ Mountain

In Lenormand-speak the mountain can signify obstacle or resistance, stolid or unemotional, constipation or paralysis.

At my father's funeral I heard an aunt say of my mother, that she was certainly stolid. I had to look it up when I got home and didn't take it has a compliment. But I was the one she came to and said "get me out of here, if one more person hugs me I'm going to break down in little pieces". And she did, going home.

The mountain we present to the public has little to do with the multiple peaks and chasms we contain on the inside. As adults she and I weren't friends, but in this one respect we were certainly mother and daughter. Presenting as stolid. 


  1. So stolid is like emotional solidity? That's a new word to put in my vocabulary.

  2. I always think of the media wanting to hone in on those that are weeping and emotional and then they exploit it for viewing. Some of us bear our pain and loss in private. It is our pain and loss.


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