Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Road Apples

Tarot of the Origins ~ Ace of Wands/Nature

The root, the query, the quest. To begin the action of the Wands we have to know the what and why of the starting place. I love the visual of "he jumped on his horse and raced off in all directions at once". Easy to do, particularly when we haven't defined the goal.

I'm not so good with long term goals, although I reached one this week that I've been working towards since 1999/2001, part of my learn something new at that time. I never changed the goal, but I rode my horse in a lot of different directions to get here, backwards at least three times. Ace of Wands...try it, you'll like it! Or maybe not, but you'll have something to show for your efforts besides a pile of road apples.


  1. My do and decide 'by the seat of my pants' had me going in lots of directions. I think a lot of time it was in reaction to being told what to do so much on jobs that when I clocked out I was crazy going off off-kiltered.

    1. it is only in recent years I've learned the value of being proactive rather than reactive.

  2. but not on an actual horse methinks............


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