Friday, April 10, 2020

Slack Tide

Tarot of the Origins ~ Hermit

Solitude, research, abstinence.
Also, time to off-load thinks. Men's grubby chins and cheeks. No wonder there is a whole group formed because they can't get women. I like a neat beard but the three day unshaven look? 1 + 1 says they've also got three day grubby underwear. Just. Euuu.
Women shopping in wrinkly pajama bottoms. Same. Euuu, please don't get near my groceries. Can anyone say cooties?

My friend Joan asked me what I think about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. I was surprised to find I got no thinks there. Research and possibly I'd be lead down a path of conspiracy theories. I've got my own pet ones to coddle.

Sometimes, too much time to think, or too much time letting someone else think for us results in a brain trapped in slack tide. 


  1. These 'Hermit days' can be a revelation.

  2. I had a sudden thought this morning. I had done two loads of washing - out on the line now - cleaned inside of the kitchen window and washed down the window frame and sorted some seeds to plant out later. You know I don't think I've got time to go outside today!

  3. Okay, I might not shave in seclusion, but by golly there will be clean underwear! :)

  4. I'm still dressed to the shoes, lipstick and earrings. Keeps me upright rather than sleeping all this away.


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