Monday, April 20, 2020

Slamming The Door

Tree Wisdom Cards ~ Self-integration

Not knowing what that meant, I took the Sharyn way and looked up European Spindle tree instead. Lovely in bloom, kinda shrubby/spindly/nondescript otherwise. The artist would have us think about how we compare ourselves to others. Do we measure up, do we judge them as less, therefore pointless, do we envy or disregard or hate?

Is what we can't stand in others our own worst fault? Never have bought into that. Or the concept of Original Sin condemning newborn babes. Get a grip. So. There I am, 5 AM, comparing and criticizing. Slamming the door on self-integration. So be it, life is full of BS, we don't have to buy into it. 


  1. Our identity is simply a mental construct, as malleable as Play Dough fresh out of the jar.The labels we add are our own.

  2. 'get 'em before they get you' an attitude that was taught by my father. Yes I still succumb to comparing if I or they measure up, but am getting better. Hope that you are well


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