Thursday, April 30, 2020

Stability Protection Grounded Retreat

Golden Lenormand ~ House

Stability, protection, grounded, retreat.

4th home, 1 bedroom apartment with Rob. Then rented a small house from a friend, then had a mattress on the floor in a friends basement when we moved to Portland. From there a cute little duplex and made best friends with the landlord. Then we shared an upstairs/downstairs house with them, then a duplex again in Tigard.
From there we bought our first home. Oh The Joy.
Then with upward mobility our first Nice home. Wish we had that home on this property!
Then home to Kalama. A money pit, purchased from a jackass who prefaced each lie with "as a christian...". But we've persevered, changed everything we could to get rid of every cheapskate thing they'd done; it's pretty much George Washington's ax, with a roof. I've lived in 11 places.
Stability, protection, grounded, retreat. We love our home. 


  1. When people use the term Christian to sell property or an idea, it always raises a red flag for me.
    Glad your home is now a haven. :)


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