Thursday, April 23, 2020

Symbiosis And Potential

Tree Wisdom Cards ~ Potential

Joshua Tree. Not a tree at all but a yucca plant. Grows in only one place in the world, the American Mojave Desert and rely on the pronuba Moth for pollination. Which makes me wonder if that species is struggling like the world's honey bees which are in grave danger of extinction.

Symbiosis. The need for interaction to thrive. Families are experiencing something they will remember forever. Will the memories be nurturing or claustrophobic nightmares? Will they be closer for it, or will there be massive amounts of children petitioning for emancipation, like my Rob at thirteen?

We have unlimited potential...are we applying it? 


  1. The purple tree looks like an elephant, which is a species definitely struggling.

    1. I just read yesterday poachers are considering the lock down a free ride. Recently read Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel about living with elephants, heartbreaking, incredible.

  2. I think all species are struggling to some extent - the humans just haven't figured out that they are too.


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